I’ll admit that I had to motivate myself to write this post. I don’t consider myself the most motivated or hardworking person, but if you are reading this post then that means by some miracle I have pushed myself to write this post. While trying to motivate myself to write new posts I found it helpful to turn the activity from a chore to a meaningful activity.

Why is it hard to Motivate yourself?

Motivation is not a tangible thing (Or we would probably buy it from Walmart) but it is a skill like writing or shooting a basketball in a hoop. Scientists say that in order to develop self-motivation it is imperative that we feel that we are in control of our lives.

Now although we may believe that we are the masters of our lives, when we sit in front of the tv for too long and do nothing, we give up the feeling of control. We give up the feeling of control we get when we have a fun conversation or play a sport. Therefore, if we do not make choices and stay on autopilot in front of a screen for too long, then it can be hard to get motivated.

So what is the solution?

How to be self-motivated

The key to motivating yourself is to turn a boring chore into a meaningful choice.

We can become more motivated if we make small meaningful choices. There are two key parts in that sentence. First, we should make choices, and we should believe the choices are meaningful as they align with our goals and values.

To motivate myself to write this post I first turned write a blog post from chore to multiple choices:

  1. I will write the entire blog post.
  1. I will write 300 words for the blog post.
  1. I will not write the blog post.

To motivate myself to write this post I then wrote down three reasons for why I should write this post:

  1. I will improve my writing skills.
  1. I will grow my blog.
  1. I will gain knowledge.

Therefore by giving myself choices and reasons to write this post, I felt motivated to write this post.

Key tip: I have found that it’s important to make meaningful choices throughout the day. Throughout the day I make meaningful choices to clean my room or make a healthy snack. It is easier to try to stay motivated throughout the day than it is to try and motivate yourself for a particular task when you’ve been lazy throughout the day.